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White House Foresees Lasting Economic Boom. (03/26/2019)

The AP (3/19, Boak) reported, “Contrary to the views of most economists, the Trump Administration expects the US economy to keep booming over the next decade on the strength of further tax cuts, reduced regulation and improvements to the nation’s infrastructure.” The Council of Economic Advisers annual report “forecasts that the economy will expand a brisk 3.2 percent this year and a still-healthy 2.8 percent a decade from now,” which “is much faster than the Federal Reserve’s long-run forecast of 1.9 percent annual economic growth.” Council of Economic Advisers Chairman Hassett “said the biggest risk to growth would be if financial markets anticipate that [President] Trump’s existing policies would be reversed.”

Business Climate

New Data Of Slowing Global Economy Raises Expectations Fed Will Cut Rates. (03/26/2019)

The Wall Street Journal (3/22, Kiernan, Subscription Publication) reported that fresh data indicating the global slowdown may be intensifying has raised expectations the Fed will cut interest rates this year. A report released Friday showed the eurozone’s factory output in March fell at the fastest pace in six years, while a measure of manufacturing activity in the US dropped to its lowest level in nearly two years. Those data followed a report on Thursday that showed US services-sector revenue slowed more than expected in the fourth quarter.

Small Business Marketing

Adobe Illustrator Named Top Tool For Designing Logos. (03/26/2019)

TechRadar (3/24) selected Adobe Illustrator as the top tool for designing logos in 2019. Illustrator is “the software most professionals use, and with it you can create truly unique and impressive logos, and other marketing material. It comes with a huge amount of features to help you create your logo.” However, “This does mean the software can be overwhelming at first, and for beginners and smaller businesses, this may be overkill.” But, “if you (or an employee) have digital art and design experience, then Adobe Illustrator will be an essential tool.”

Wages and Benefits

Pelosi: Democrats Will Unveil “Sweeping” Health Bill On March 26. (03/26/2019)

House Democrats on March 26 will unveil sweeping healthcare legislation “aimed at lowering costs and protecting people with pre-existing conditions, according to an advisory from the office of Speaker Nancy Pelosi,” Bloomberg (3/23, Chipman) reported. The statement said the bill would “reverse the Trump administration’s health-care sabotage, and take new measures to lower health premiums and out-of-pocket costs for families.”

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