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Pinnacle Bank Texas Business Checking Account

Pinnacle Bank Texas Business Checking Account

Have you reached the point where you need to elevate the legitimacy of your business in the eyes of your customers, employees and business prospects? Do you need to sustain the growth of your small business by managing your cash flow? These are both momentous milestones in the growth of a business and also the two key indicators that you are ready for a business checking account. A business checking account can pave the way to achieving more business milestones more quickly.

Advantages of a Pinnacle Bank Business Checking Account

Separate business and personal finances: There are a number of reasons why it's important to maintain separate records for business and personal transactions. One reason is that it will reinforce your standing as a business in the eyes of the IRS. If your personal receipts and transactions are comingled with your business transactions, the IRS may question the legitimacy of your business and disallow deductions. From a practical standpoint, a separate checking account for your business will simplify your life and increase your efficiency in tracking and managing your business cash flow.

Make your life less taxing: Having a business checking account will reduce many of the costs associated with tax preparation and filing, including your actual tax bill. By having all of your business transactions and cash flow reporting available in a separate account, you will significantly reduce the amount of time spent in tax preparation saving accounting fees or freeing your time for running your business. Secondly, you'll be less likely to miss out on any important deductions that could cost your business hundreds of dollars in additional taxes.

Elevate your business: A small business owner can only get so far using cash or a personal checking account for day-to-day transactions. Customers, vendors and employees will eventually begin to wonder if they are dealing with a legitimate business. Your business checks are a part of your brand and help form the professional image you want to convey.

Which Pinnacle Bank Business Checking Account is Right for Your Business?

Your business is unique. That's why it is important to work with a bank that offers a range of account options that can meet your specific needs as your business grows. The size of your business and its cash flow requirements are key determinants in choosing a business checking account. We offer several options designed to help you optimize your cash flow management with consideration for your business' need for flexibility, liquidity and cost control. All of Pinnacle Bank's business checking accounts include PinnDocs electronic statement, check imaging, PinnBank for Business online banking and a Pinnacle Bank Visa® business debit card at no extra cost.

PinnStar Small Business Checking: Designed for businesses that with minimal transaction volume, this account requires no minimum deposits and no minimum account balances. Accounts are allowed up to 150 transactions per month for free. There's only a $.25 per transaction fee after that. All of Pinnacle Bank's business checking accounts include PinnDocs electronic statement, check imaging, PinnBank online banking, bill pay, access to Telebank and a Pinnacle Bank Visa®debit card at no extra cost.

PinnStar Basic Business: Designed for businesses that need just the basics. There are no transaction fees, and the low monthly maintenance fee of $15 is waived for accounts with a minimum balance of $1,000.

PinnStar Commercial Analysis: This account is specially designed for businesses with greater transaction needs. While this account does charge a monthly maintenance fee, it can be offset by Earned Credits generated on the average daily balance in your account. And, because of Pinnacle Bank's superior check processing and check clearing capabilities, your account will have enhanced funds availability which can translate into lower account fees as a result of higher collected balances in your account. PinnStar Commercial Analysis includes all of the free services offered with all small business checking accounts.

PinnStar Business Interest: Designed for sole proprietors, non-profit organizations, government units and individuals doing business under a trade name (DBA), the PinnStar Business Interest account is an interest-bearing checking account that combines the benefits of Business Checking with the interest-earning feature of a savings account. The variable interest rate changes weekly and credits interest monthly. The monthly maintenance fee of $10 is waived on accounts that maintain a $500 minimum daily balance.

PinnStar Business Money Market: This account is ideal for your business if you make minimal transactions and want your business to earn higher interest on deposits. The variable interest rate changes weekly and credits interest monthly. The monthly maintenance fee of $10 is waived on accounts that maintain a $1,000 minimum daily balance.

PinnBank for Business Online Banking

At the core of all of our business banking services is our enhanced online solution, PinnBank for Business, which provides your business with one integrated point of access to support all banking needs, 24/7. In addition to viewing your business's cash position and account activity in real time, it enables you to execute transactions such as transfers, PinnPay online bill payment and stop payment requests. Customers can view check images online and store statements securely through PinnDocs e-statements. All of your information is protected with the latest Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology with EV SSL Certificates.

Pinnacle Bank Business Visa® Check Card

Pinnacle Bank's Business Visa® Check Card works like a check and makes managing your business easier. You can use it to pay for your day-to-day business expenses, travel/entertainment and bills instead of using cash, checks or credit cards. The money comes right out of your business checking account, which is linked to the card, with no interest charges or card fees. All Pinnacle Bank business check cards come with Visa-sponsored benefits, including protection against loss or theft. With UChoose Rewards®, you can earn points for qualifying purchases made with your Visa® business card.

For detailed information on any of our business checking services, contact a Pinnacle Bank business banker at 1-800-789-7156 or visit one of our convenient banking centers at a location near you.

We are a member of FDIC, so all deposits are insured up to $250,000 per depositor, per ownership category. To learn more about our FDIC membership, go to and search for our name under Bank Find.

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